Notice of Data Migration of U.S. Web Hosting Servers -2020-07-22

respected user:    Hello: Due to business needs, the current server where the US web host is located is not enough to run the business better.    Therefore, our company decided to migrate the data to another server from July 23, 2020 to July 26, 2020.     The website will not be interrupted during the migration. After the migration is ... Read More »

22nd Jul 2020
Notice of 2020 Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Arrangement

According to the statutory holiday provisions of the State Council of the State, combined with the actual situation of the company. According to the company's leadership arrangements, the notice of the HostSLB™  2020 Dragon Boat Festival holiday arrangements is as follows:   1. Holiday time: From June 25, 2020 to June 27, 2020, there will ... Read More »

24th Jun 2020
2020 Spring Festival holiday notice

respected user:             Hello!      On the occasion of the Spring Festival, HostSLB wishes: Happy New Year my friend. May this year be one of prosperity and joy for you and I hope we get a chance to meet up in 2020.   The notice of our company's holiday arrangements during the Spring Festival is as follows: I. Holiday ... Read More »

20th Jan 2020
cPanel Price Update Announcement

cPanel Price Update Announcement We have been working closely with cPanel® leading up to the licensing announcement. Detailed below are some of the key changes that you need to be aware of: Rebranding VPS and Dedicated License Types cPanel® is evolving their packaging names to coincide with industry terms. VPS is now Cloud and Dedicated ... Read More »

31st Aug 2019
2019 New Year's holiday holiday notice

Dear:     2019 is coming, Hostslb, all the staff will send you and your family the most sincere wishes, I wish you a happy holiday! Thank you for your continued trust and help with Hostslb. In the days to come, hostslb will continue to work with you to build a better future!     According to national holiday arrangements, HostSlb's ... Read More »

28th Dec 2018
Sweden Offshore Server, 50% preferential support in the first month

The importance of privacy goes without saying that we refuse to provide user privacy to any organization Ignore the American Millennium Act ############### Swedish offshore server ############### CPU:Intel Xeon E3-12** RAM:16GB Capacity:1TB SATA Uplink:1 Gbps Bandwidth:unlimited IPs:61 usable IP First month:$92.5 ... Read More »

20th Dec 2018

关于仿牌空间机房迁移的通知 尊敬的用户:   您好!   首先感谢您对云途主机的支持,云途主机自2010年开始提供仿牌服务器和仿牌虚拟主机服务以来,受到了广大用户的一致认同。随着仿牌虚拟主机数量不断增长,为了不断提高服务品质,满足用户不断增... Read More »

14th Sept 2017


11th Sept 2015
七月超值优惠:美国仿牌云VPS 4G内存 60G硬盘 1TB月流量仅售:499元/月 剩三个名额

七月超值优惠:美国仿牌云VPS 4G内存 60G硬盘 1TB月流量仅售:499元/月 剩三个名额 处理器数: Intel E5620 (2核)内存大小: 4096MB RAM硬盘容量: 60GB Raid 10,BBU上行带宽: 5Mbit/s Transfer下行带宽: 100Mbit/s Inbound千兆端口: 2Gbit/s专用IPv4: 3个 IP (美国+德国+瑞典)虚拟技术: ... Read More »

29th Jun 2013

七月超值优惠:购买美国云仿牌空间年付可享受8.5折优惠,并赠送独立IP一枚。(一年使用权限)入门型:1G硬盘、50G/月流量、可建立1站、赠MYSQL和邮局各5个(1024M) = 336 (折后价)标准型:3G硬盘、150G/月流量、可建立4站、赠MYSQL和邮件各10个(3G) = 510 ... Read More »

29th Jun 2013